Monday, March 21, 2011

a work in progress

I felt like the author was able to express so many things on this topic that were my thoughts exactly, in a simple way that I had actually never been able to put in words. Granted, I haven’t written a whole lot of literature, but I get those feelings about apprehension about anything I create, like films, or artwork, or music. You don’t want to show it until you are 100% satisfied yourself, but in reality you are selling yourself short by doing that. Reaching out for help is an important way to reach your potential.

I also thought this lady was hilarious, her sarcastic thoughts sounded very familiar to me as I read the words in my mind. It’s something I should change; it probably comes from a lack of confidence in my work that would be less of a problem if I took the opportunity to have more of my stuff be peer- reviewed. As to my goals for doing this, I think most of the people I’ve met in this major are very approachable, so I don’t see asking people really being a problem in the future. I think everyone in the major wants experience in all different aspects in order to become well- rounded, and it’s a good sign of trust if someone asks you to view their material.

I think I just don’t take enough opportunities to really write stories. I have a notebook full of little ideas and gags that I would love to incorporate into some kind of piece, but I haven’t taken the time to write many narratives. That will be my goal, to take all these idea fragments and put them into real stories that will interest viewers.

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  1. I agree with you that the author was very good at voicing her opinions on peer reviews. I think that doing everything you think you can do to make a project as done as possible before someone reviews it is also important. The individuals in the film program are incredibly approachable. Several times they have helped me figure out final cut down in the lab because they were so open. They are definitely a good resource.