Monday, March 21, 2011

Feedback in general

Being a creator of something makes us inherently sensitive. When a person has put considerable time and effort into their creation their is normally a lot of passion involved. It can be really hard to take correction or even suggestions. The author of the passage we read did a great job of expressing her discomfort when someone needlessly critiqued her work. There is great value that comes from finding someone who is able to give appropriate feedback. It is really important to find someone at the same level as yourself as well. Make sure that the person has your best interest as well because you do not want to uncover your hard work to someone that will not value it for what you feel that it is worth. Obviously correction is needed while we create our work because we are so far from perfect, and having someone give you a fresh perspective of what your work means to them, gives you the input you need to better your work.

This is hard for me because film making is something I have never really done before. For most of the assignments in this class I feel like a fish out of water. I have been deeply grateful for the feedback and direction I have received from everyone.

I remember a time where I was struggling over some correction I had received when I was on my mission. One of the elders counseled me that when I received correction I should think about it later when I was not so heated, and that I should give the correction merit and way it out in my mind. If it was something I should change then I should adapt, if it was something frivolous or even something I did not need to change then drop it and let it go.
-Jeremy Ashworth


  1. I agree with you that the author did a great job relating her discomfort over critique. It's interesting how hard feedback can be to hear and yet, how necessary feedback is to be successful. Kind of like "no pain no gain", feedback helps us so much in the end. I can definitely relate to your story about correction. I find that in our church we try so hard to be perfect that it can be hard to hear criticism, but through finding out our problems we can grow so much more.

  2. Jeremy, I love how you brought criticism out to be a potentially positive thing; an opportunity for a fresh perspective on your work. It is too easy sometimes to think of criticism as destructive and painful, when in reality it is a great chance for growth and improvement, much like the trials that God presents us with. When it is offered in the right spirit, it is completely up to us to choose how we accept the feedback, and choosing to accept comments willingly will help you grow the most as an artist.