Monday, March 14, 2011

Loneliness and Killer Hair

In the first screenplay that I read I was impressed with the theme of the fall. I am referring to Adam and Eve’s separation from God after they partook of the fruit and their consequent dismissal. Bellpond is a man who anxiously awaits his wife’s return. He is has agoraphobia and that keeps him inside his home. The time he spent with his wife is idealized in his mind as the best time in his life. His loneliness is deeply saddening. In a way the time he spent with his wife before they were apart was like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The other gospel principle that comes out is the danger of pride. He thought what he was doing was right and he did not read the letter from his wife inviting him to break out of his shell. The artistic techniques I noticed to bring the themes out were match cuts between what the narrator was describing and what was being visually shown.
The other screenplay is about the worst hair experience one could contemplate. Agency is a gospel principle that this screenplay investigates. Anthropomorphizing the hair is a unique way of restricting Grace’s ability to deal with daily life. This was the main artistic technique that was used to accomplish this investigation. On top of all of the social stress of being a college student this girl’s hair gains a mind of its own and also gains a great amount of control over this Grace. Another aspect that the gospel teaches is to have self-mastery or complete control of oneself. At first I thought that her hair misbehaving was the consequence of something bad she had done, a form of punishment in the vane of being a servant to sin once a sin has taken place. I could find nothing to support this, so to me this was a parable of sorts in losing control. This happens sometimes were we are given situations were we are powerless to prevent, such as sickness, or an injury. I love how she is able to overcome this dilemma through almost divine means of the bird helping out.
-Jeremy Ashworth

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