Monday, March 14, 2011

Gospel Principles in Scripts...

To me, reading Chloe's and A.Todd's scripts was very much a fascinating experience. I am currently writing my first script myself and I have been thinking a lot about what themes to include in it. I see that one apparent one that I will use will be the principle of faith, because it is one I really hold dear. I am sure that Chloe and A.Todd probably considered this as well, what kind of principle is apparent or important in my life? Do I want to incorporate this in a film project that I do? With Chloe's I found the theme of love, acceptance, and appreciation. The hair had a life of its own and was responding at the end in a way that the main character could not control it any longer and then suddenly brought her to her suppose downfall. In the end that is what I think brought her peace. I felt that the girl was dealing with what she was given in this life which was her hair, it was a blessing at times, but then it was a curse. She dealt through the tough times with having that kind of life, but somehow in the end her suffering came to an end and because of that she was rewarded with a sense of peace. The other characters let go of her as she went up to the sky, this for me signaled their love for her and acceptance of what is to come for her, which is no more suffering of a life with cursed hair. Here I see the principle of faith too. They had faith that she would no longer suffer and that she would be happier. In A. Todd's I saw the principle of faith also, but in a different way. Here is a man, the main character, who had lost someone that was that special person in his heart. He had no reason to feel joy anymore because of that loss. Yet, throughout the many occurrences, experiences, and flashbacks he comes to terms that moving on would be the best thing to do.  Here I see that trusting in the Lord bring you back on your feet and gets you moving to where you need to go. Faith and trust are involved with this script. I feel that as filmmakers we have a responsibility to convey what we hold dear in our lives to some level or degree in one way or another. I think that is what makes us better filmmakers, but at the same time maybe even unique or have our own style in film-making. One can be explicit or implicit about this, for me it is both, usually. I know now though with this screenwriting process that I have taken upon myself that I want to somehow incorporate the values I hold dear and put it in the characters or the environment. I do not want to be explicit about it in this particular film, but implicitly, yes.

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  1. When I was reading your post, I thought about how as our testimonies about a particular principle grow at any one time, that will probably be the principle that embeds itself in the project that we are working on. In this way, our projects can become like a record of our spiritual growth as we see the things that were spiritually significant to us in our work throughout our lives.