Monday, March 21, 2011

Feedback for Podcasts

Elisabeth Weagal:
There was a great variety of photos, which kept the presentation visually interesting. I loved the connection of the spiritual dimension of artistry through motherhood. It was a bold move to select your mother as the topic of your podcast--many would consider turning to someone so close as being a cop-out in finding a subject, but your decision was clearly anything but that. It was compelling and your mother is surprisingly accomplished. It truly was a great exposition of secular accomplishments and how they are complimented with being a faithful mother and Mormon. One question: what does she do now? Is she still studying? Does she teach? Does she apply any of the artistic talents she had developed over the years in a professional setting? An update would have been a nice closing touch.

You also had a great selection of photos; they were timed to be appropriate for what was being spoken about in the interview. The music gave the interview momentum and thrust. It was a timely topic with a visible artist. And most of all, there was some great timing in the editing of the interview; just as I wondered when the gospel was going to be brought up, the interview began discussing it. I was pretty impressed.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Mont. Maybe I'll add that to the director's cut. In the meantime, here is a little something for your information: she recently stopped teaching at the University of New Mexico and is now an independent scholar. Her primary focus is still expository writing, which she publishes both in books of her own and in anthologies.