Monday, March 14, 2011

chloe and A todd

these screenplays are both pretty different and im excited to see them when they are completed! to me, the spiritual aspect is more apparent in A Todd's capstone. I really like the idea of faith that comes across in his. Mr. Bellpond is working and putting everything into his music, in hopes that it will somehow reunite him with his wife. Something that I think is interesting: I had read this script before, but I didn’t really make the connection between his story and the concept of faith until Amy asked us to focus on that. When I originally read it I connected with the fact that he was working hard, despite the absolute assurance that anything would come of it. “maybe he’s being cheated, who knows?” were my thoughts. It means a lot more to me when I look at it with more ‘gospel eyes.’

The spirituality in Chloe’s script was a little less obvious to me. The feeling I left it with was a worth of souls type of thing. Grace (also a spiritual name) may have been different from the rest of her classmates, but her problems were something that they couldn’t have connected with. it’s therefore not for us or them to judge. It’s the same way with us and I thought that was a pretty powerful message.

I keep thinking more and more about how I can learn to include spiritual themes in my work. Most of the film stuff I have done so far has been intentionally campy and kind of immature. While it was really fun, that’s only one side of me and I see that it’s really important to include more serious things, whether implicitly or not.

That brings me to another point: how to know when to come straight out and be blatant about gospel topics. It’s obviously nothing to hide, and I really appreciate how we’re being taught to make it a part of our work.

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  1. I like your interpretation of Grace being totally different from her peers. Because of her difference she is judged by them. It is not for us to judge each other's differences. The issue of when to be didactic in telling our beliefs and when not to I think really comes with experience.