Monday, March 21, 2011

Feedback on Mormon Artist Presentations

Lizz-I thought your presentation was absolutely wonderful! The way you presented this sculpturer's ideas about God and art really inspired me. One thing that he said that really caught me was when he mentioned that the art brought him closer to God. I thought that was something that I can think about when doing film. I hope that my art also can bring me closer to my Heavenly Father and that I can inspire his children to want to do great things because of the work that I present. I think that I want this to be my goal when doing projects. I felt that this presentation did that for me. The pictures were very well chosen and thought of it seems, and the work he has done is very inspiring.  Good work overall!

Nick- I know Adam from my latin ballroom class! He's an awesome dude. I did not know he would be the kind of guy to play the cello. I think you captured a deeper side of him and that was good, he felt relateable in terms of he being close to our age and in almost the same situation of him being a student here at BYU. The pictures were great, I felt you put a lot of thought in how you capture him and his art and many other facets of him as an individual. That was great to see. I really liked what he said about when he played the instrument he felt like he was part of history. That made me think... I hope to feel that with my art and how I want to capture it. I also want to feel like I`m part of history, but maybe in a different light. I want to feel part of an individual's history,,,,how they can be inspired by the work I present to them and how that touches or changes their lives for the better. That is what I hope to do as a Mormon artist too. Very nice presentation.

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