Monday, March 14, 2011

Investigating Gospel Principles.

Chloe’s and Todd’s script investigate religion by their plots and characters, but before I start writing anything, there is something to take in account. I think that there are great things, in reference to art, stories, movies and such out there. All of these with intended, or not, transcendence or/and religious ideals. However, I believe that the implications of these depend upon the audience. I think that if a person is not willing to find it, he or she will not. I have been taught to think and see things as a Christian. I feel that in that regard, it is somewhat easier for me to recognize it and even look for those elements. For example, I felt that Chloe’s story had to do with the effects of sin. I felt that her hair was a burden that she kept trying to let go. It kept her from having relationships and progressing. She was talented and a good person, but her hair didn’t allow her to progress. In Todd’s script, there is a this talented man who has lost happiness as he lost his wife. His mistake was to get caught up in his unhappiness and not do anything about. I thought about repentance with his story. I thought about the idea of remorse, letting go, and looking for the best, like he did by going to the islands to look for his wife. Both Chloe and Todd investigate gospel principles by the development of their characters. Both Grace and Mr. Bellpond are challenged. I am not sure what the resolution for Grace was, but I can see that Mr. Bellpond embarks in to the fog to find the one he yearns for. He leaves the old man behind and starts looking after his happiness. Going back to my first point. I wonder what someone without an LDS perspective would find in these stories.

The language that Chloe and Todd used, I think, is the artistic technique they use to investigate a gospel principles. They present their subjects in a manner that makes it familiar for us. I felt that Grace could be one of the girls in my class. And, Todd’s was very visual. I felt that between the narration and the descriptions of the actions I was able to see the movie. I am pretty sure that they will use other elements in the film itself.

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  1. It's interesting to read your interpretation and Lizz's interpretation about the hair in Chloe's script. I had one that kind of goes along the same lines as you, but for me, the hair was like she was dealing with obstacles that she was given in life, the first thing I thought about was how I see people in my life that came into this world with obstacles to face, like a disability or a deformity. I agree with you in terms of that whole having a knowledge in our faith can help with how we interpret work. I feel that if I had grown up with different values and religion even, I would not produce the kind of films I intend to produce or interpret things the way I interpret them.