Monday, March 21, 2011

mormon artist reviews

Lizz- i really liked your presentation. you asked some good questions that prompted answers that made me think about things in a different way. i thought it was really interesting how your artist talked about the turmoil he deals with and how the church's standards helped him through that.

he said his sculptures brought him closer to God, which i think is a really important goal for any kind of creative work, i will need to ponder that some more.

Mariana - I actually had an animation class with Garrett but we never really talked too much about our art to each other, so it was cool to hear his opinions on it. his concerns and opinions about being a Mormon artist made a lot of sense to me because they were things i had also noticed while pursuing a visual arts major. he talked about limitations that one finds at BYU, like clothed models in the illustration department. other art schools would find that pretty absurd but he talked about how those "limitations" influenced him for good.

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