Monday, March 14, 2011


These screenplays were very interesting to read, delightful, imaginative and thought provoking. I helped out for a bit on Chloe’s project and it was nice to understand what the overall story was after having only seen bits and pieces. It was also rewarding to see the way in which the script was realized on screen. Chloe did a lovely job as a director and that cast and crew were very friendly and patient with my lack of ability and understanding. I suppose that their attitude conveyed some of the ideas that Chloe’s script was portraying. In her script, I saw themes of charity, acceptance of everyone’s little—or big—quirks. Chloe’s script showed something that is difficult to portray and not always realized, the idea that within every blessing is a curse. Now, that sounds really harsh, but it’s true, it adheres to the law of opposition. From personal experience, I’ve learned, while stubbornness is fantastic, especially when dealing with difficult situations, it can also prevent one from being willing to overcome bad habits, it can lead to pride just as much as it can lead to conquering difficult circumstances. It is both a vice and a virtue. Chloe portrayed this through her artful, beautiful depiction of the hair—while it was simultaneously eerie and frightening.
I found A. Todd’s script delightful. For me, the script explained the temptation to sulk and allow oneself to stay depressed or down in the dumps. I know I’ve felt that way; I’ve moaned and groaned and wished I could just have some time to mope, but the truth is that we have to move on. There is so much life to be had, joys to be experienced, people to love, etc. that we should not indulge in negativity. If we do indulge, who knows what we may be missing? It could be that an opportunity has been waiting—like Mr. Bellpond’s wife may have been—for years! I believe this investigation of the temptation to wallow in self-pity, is conveyed by the montages, the flashbacks and the slow decay of Mr. Bellpond’s health, as he mourns his wife; the injuries Mr. Bellpond sustains in trying to finish his masterpiece serves as a reminder that, to quote Dr. Seuss, “Un-slumping yourself is not easily done”; but it is worth it!

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  1. Lizz, I also helped with Chloe's project. I also loved to read the whole story. It is interesting that the way you interpreted the hair. I thought about the effects of sins. It was a burden to her. And, you saw it as a something different. I really liked the way you interpreted it. I agreed with all you said. It is hard to let go, but we have to. It is for the best.